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The Iowa Condominium
Agenda-Sept 21, 2015
Iowa Condominium Unit Owners Association
Board of Directors Agenda
Sept 21, 2015   (7:30pm)
Call to Order/Welcome-Linda Purcell
Board Business
Approve minutes from past Board Meetings
June 15, 2015-annual meeting-approve draft
July 13, 2015
Approve Agenda for tonight’s Board Meeting
Treasurer’s report
Old Business
Project Updates:
Attic fan repairs, bike rack for guests, entry stairs rust stain removal
Construction at Logan 13-Linda Purcell
2015 Capital Improvement Projects
                        Entry Mosaic
                        Driveway Asphalt repair-Sept 30th
                        Concrete repairs-beginning week of Sept 28th
Long-term Plans for Capital Improvements/2016 Assessment
FIOS Feasibility Agreement
Community Questions on Old Business
Committee Reports
Standing Committee Reports:
Landscape/Grounds-David Peiffer, Chairperson
Communications-Linda Purcell, Chairperson
Social-Laura Judy Harrison, Chairperson
New Business
Request by Sprint for rooftop antennas
Recent emergencies on property
Recycle guidelines
Community Questions on New Business
Next Meeting Date:Monday, October 19th.Time TBA